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Three teens standing in front of an artwork that is two boxes mounted against a window. The teen...
A group of teens looking at a large wall-mounted work of art.
A shot of a group of teens sitting at a large white table. They are facing towards two speakers.
Two teens in a large gallery with two gray circles on the ground.
People sitting in rows of chairs facing towards a teen giving a presentation.

Meet the 2022–23 Teen Curators!

Yelnur Abdushev
Angela Lin
Yangkyi Bhuming
Jassi Kalo
Denver Kelley
Katherine Ortiz
Gia Inouye
Rose Hamdaoui
Arna Asad
Celine Fong
Destine Munro-Richard
Selina Zheng
Jessie Yung
Melida Tosic
Ibn Casinillo
Taziyah Daniels
Past Teen Curators
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