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A sculpture of a sink with out a faucet on a wall.
Robert Gober
Untitled, 1984
Life size horizontal statue of a man laying on a stretcher-like structure in a gallery space
Charles Ray
Mime, 2014
Hill Art Foundation
A stained glass window installed against a backed lighting depicting a biblical scene of the Creation...
Valentin Bousch
The Creation and the Expulsion from Paradise, 1533
Hill Art Foundation
A stain glass window made from sheets of warm tones of Lambert glass, casting a warm tone of shadow...
Spencer Finch
Candlelight (CIE 529/418), 2022
An abstract painting with a deep taupe background and bright white roller painted streaks in the...
Christopher Wool
Maybe Maybe Not, 2003
A dark toned painting that uses lines to create geometric compositions
Wang Guangle
180620, 2018
Abstract painting with gray and white toned brush stokes and erasure marks
Albert Oehlen
BBQ, 2008
Hill Art Foundation
An abstract sculpture with a rectangular base positioned centrally in an outdoor terrace
Christopher Wool
Untitled, 2013
painting with a black background and many colorfully depicted characters in foreground
Richard Prince
High Times, 2017
A colorful portrait of two black men, one sitting at the foreground and the other standing in the...
Jordan Casteel
Harold, 2017
A sculpture made out of bronze with three subjects depicted in a pyramid composition with a serpent...
Giovanni Battista Foggini
Laocoon, late 17th/early 18th century
Abstracted black ink blotched design on a white background
Christopher Wool
Untitled, 2018
Abstract painting with color blocks of different shapes overlapping in different orientations against...
Caroline Kent
A Dark Hymn, 2021
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