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Visiting the Hill Art Foundation

What are your hours of operation?
The Foundation is generally open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday. The Foundation staff is happy to schedule visits outside of opening hours. Email with appointment requests.

Do I need a ticket to visit?
No. Admission is always free, and no ticket is required.

Can I bring a group?
All groups are welcome at the Foundation. No prior registration is necessary, though calling in advance and providing an estimated group size number is very helpful and encouraged.

Can we schedule a tour?
The Foundation does not provide formal exhibition tours. However, all groups and visitors are welcome and anyone on staff would be happy to answer any specific questions about the space or the exhibition on view.

Is the Hill Art Foundation wheelchair accessible?
Yes, the Foundation has an elevator that is available for public use located on the ground floor of our 10th Avenue entrance. Take the elevator to the third floor, where the Foundation is located. When you arrive, we will unlock the elevator to the fourth floor for your use.

The Hill Collection

Who are the Hills?
J. Tomilson and Janine Hill are longtime art collectors and philanthropists based in New York. Their collection is known for its depth—meaning that they collect multiple works by each artist—and for spanning time periods, from Baroque bronzes to young contemporary artists.

Who owns the works on view at the Hill Art Foundation?
Exhibitions at the Hill Art Foundation include works on loan from the Hill Collection, which comprises the personal art collection of J. Tomilson and Janine Hill and other works that they have irrevocably dedicated to charitable purposes, as well as works from other artists, collections and institutions.

Is the art in your exhibitions for sale?
No, the Hill Art Foundation is a non-profit exhibition and educational space, not a commercial gallery. Our mission is to expand the relationship between art and the viewer through rotating exhibitions and ongoing arts education programs.

Does the Hill Art Foundation have a permanent collection?
The Hill Art Foundation has a small number of permanently installed works, including a 2013 Christopher Wool sculpture, a Robert Gober drain, and a 1533 stained-glass window by Valentin Bousch. Alongside these permanent installations, the Foundation presents a rotating program of 3–4 exhibitions a year. Each exhibition typically combines works from the Foundation collection with loans from the Hill Collection, partner institutions, and artists.

The Space

When did the Hill Art Foundation open?
The Foundation opened to the public in February 2019.

Who designed the space?
The space was designed by Peter Marino Architects.

How big is it?
The space is 7,700-square-feet, spread over two floors.

Is the space available for event rentals?
Yes. Please email for more information.

Learning more

Are there catalogues of the Hill Art Foundation exhibitions?
The Hill Art Foundation has published a number of catalogues highlighting the collection and past exhibitions. They are available at our online store and in person at the Foundation.

Is there a mailing list?
Yes! We invite you to sign up for our mailing list to receive the latest news on upcoming exhibitions, projects, and initiatives. You can also follow us on Instagram, @hillartfoundation, for updates.

Education Programs

How do I apply to be a Teen Curator or Teen Educator at the Hill Art Foundation?
Applications are posted on the Hill Art Foundation website every August. You can email with any questions.

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