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Abstract painting with gray and white toned brush stokes and erasure marks
From Artist, Albert Oehlen
OEH AL 003
Albert Oehlen, BBQ, 2008. Oil on canvas, 82 11/16 × 102 3/8 inches (210 × 260 cm). © 2024 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / DACS, London⁠
Albert Oehlen Portrait, Photographer Oliver Schultz Berndt
Albert Oehlen. Photo: Oliver Schultz-Berndt

Artist Chat with Albert Oehlen.

Hill Art Foundation: The Hill Art Foundation champions artistic dialogue across mediums, styles, and time periods. Who is an artist—especially one you might not be immediately associated with—who inspires your work?  

Albert Oehlen: Inspirations came certainly from Dalí. But also from bad painters.  What I made of it is another question.

HAF: A Dark Hymn explores the process of collecting. Do you collect? What kind of work are you drawn to?

AO: I wouldn’t call it collect. I buy works by colleagues, friends and idols. Mostly paintings. 

HAF: The Hill Art Foundation’s Teen Curators and Educators wrote the wall label text to accompany works in A Dark Hymn. Can you tell us about a learning experience from your childhood or teenage years that has informed your creative practice? 

AO: My father was an artist. He made drawings and cartoons. He worked at home. 

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