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From Adam Pendleton
Adam Pendleton. Portrait: Matthew Septimus⁠
Adam Pendleton. Portrait: Matthew Septimus⁠
Pendleton HR Web
Adam Pendleton, Untitled (A Victim of American Democracy), 2017. Silkscreen and spray paint on canvas, 84 × 60 inches (213.4 cm × 152.4⁠ cm). © Adam Pendleton, courtesy Pace Gallery. ⁠

Artist Chat with Adam Pendleton.

Hill Art Foundation: The Hill Art Foundation champions artistic dialogue across mediums, styles, and time periods. Who is an artist—especially one you might not be immediately associated with—who inspires your work? 

Adam Pendleton: Joan Jonas—her drawings are incredible! The sensitivity of her mark inspires me daily. 

HAF: A Dark Hymn explores the process of collecting. Do you collect? What kind of work are you drawn to?

AP: Yes, I do collect. Mostly drawings, by a wide array of artists. 

HAF: The Hill Art Foundation’s Teen Curators and Educators wrote the wall label text to accompany works in A Dark Hymn. Can you tell us about a learning experience from your childhood or teenage years that has informed your creative practice?

AP: A very memorable experience for me was meeting Martin Puryear at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts during his show in 2002. He was at the museum with his father and I was at the museum with mine.

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