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MT 21 Anima 14 02 CLOSE UP 04
Mika Tajima, Anima 14, 2021. Glass, cast bronze Jacuzzi jet nozzles. Photo by Charles Benton.

The Hill Art Foundation is pleased to present Mika Tajima: Super Natural, opening Friday, May 3. This exhibition builds off of Mika Tajima: Energetics at Pace Gallery (January 12–February 24), and encompasses Tajima’s recent multidisciplinary output.

In a new artist’s book that will accompany the Foundation’s exhibition, Tajima writes:

“today we exist in two states—our physical self and our digital self—a composite of abstractions in tension between the immaterial, the intangible, and the physical. Each of my works in this show contends with this—containment or capture, escape and concealment, formation and dissolution, our identities and being in a state of transformation and becoming.”

Mika Tajima is an artist whose practice materializes techniques developed to shape the physicality, productivity, and desires of the human body. Her sculptures, paintings, videos, and installations focus on the embodied experience of ortho-architectonic control and computational life. From architectural systems to ergonomic design to psychographic data, Tajima’s works operate in the space between the immaterial and the tangible to create heightened encounters that target the senses and emotions of the viewer, underlining the dynamics of control and agency.

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