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From Will Heinrich
Two paintings hung on white wall.
Installation view: Beautiful, Vivid, Self-contained. Hill Art Foundation, April 21–July 21, 2023. © Hill Art Foundation. Photo: Matthew Herrmann.

The New York Times reviews and recommends Beautiful, Vivid, Self-contained as one of the top exhibitions to visit in June 2023.

One striking, insightful, precarious pairing follows another in this frankly incredible group of paintings that Salle has managed to call in. Red stippling in a recent Walter Price echoes the gray atmosphere of an Edgar Degas; abstraction by Amy Sillman looks like a color negative of Albert Oehlen’s, or vice versa; and Martha Diamond, Willem de Kooning and Brice Marden all use wavering, expressive lines to very different effects, if you think of their individual contexts, but as mere variations on a theme when they’re side by side. Read the full article here.

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