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From Terence Washington
An image of hallway of a home created from resin, cotton, t-shirts, and carbon fiber.
Kevin Beasley, THE REST (A Hall), 2021. Polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, raw Virginia cotton, dye-sublimation printed t-shirts, carbon fiber, 83 1/2 × 93 × 2 inches (212.1 × 236.2 × 5.1 cm). © Courtesy the artist and Casey Kaplan, New York. Photo: Jason Wyche.

I’m thinking of the breath, of the comma. In the title of Kevin Beasley’s exhibition, a comma interrupts the clause “a body revealed” like a fulcrum, delays the revelation, and creates two ideas out of one, aiming them away from each other. “A body” becomes the end of some unknown, unseen phrase; “revealed” begins another. Somewhere between the two, on the precipice of meaning, some body is still its own, and unseen.

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