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From Daniel Cassady
Paintings in middle and right side of white wall and stained glass on left side. Small bronze figure...
Installation view: Beautiful, Vivid, Self-contained. Hill Art Foundation, April 21–July 21, 2023. © Hill Art Foundation. Photo: Matthew Herrmann.

ARTnews gives a behind-the-scenes look into the curatorial process of Beautiful, Vivid, Self-contained.

On a recent afternoon, at the two-story Hill Art Foundation in Chelsea, the collector J. Tomilson Hill and the artist David Salle stood in front of Salle’s Reliance (1985), a painting of a person, their arms bent a sharp angles, surrounded by a yellow field. To the right was a Rubens, the stoic Portrait of a Gentleman, Half-length, Wearing Black (1628–29). Across the way was Cecily Brown’s The use of blue in vertigo (2022) and Frank Auerbach’s Head of Julia (1985). Read the full article here.

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