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HAF Beautiful Vivid Self Contained Inst 05
Installation view: Beautiful, Vivid, Self-contained. Hill Art Foundation, April 21–July 21. © Hill Art Foundation. Photo: Matthew Herrmann.
HAF Beautiful Vivid Self Contained Inst 04
Installation view: Beautiful, Vivid, Self-contained. Hill Art Foundation, April 21–July 21. © Hill Art Foundation. Photo: Matthew Herrmann.
HAF Beautiful Vivid Self Contained Inst 02
Installation view: Beautiful, Vivid, Self-contained. Hill Art Foundation, April 21–July 21. © Hill Art Foundation. Photo: Matthew Herrmann.
HAF Beautiful Vivid Self Contained Inst 01
Installation view: Beautiful, Vivid, Self-contained. Hill Art Foundation, April 21–July 21. © Hill Art Foundation. Photo: Matthew Herrmann.

Beautiful, Vivid, Self-contained
Curated by David Salle
April 21–July 21, 2023


The Hill Art Foundation is pleased to present Beautiful, Vivid, Self-contained[1], an exhibition of paintings and sculptures curated by the artist and writer David Salle.

The exhibition features works by Richard Aldrich, Frank Auerbach, Francis Bacon, Kevin Beasley, Cecily Brown, Francesco Clemente, Robert Colescott, Verne Dawson, Willem de Kooning, Edgar Degas, Martha Diamond, Lucio Fontana, Giambologna, Robert Gober, Mark Grotjahn, Charline von Heyl, Reggie Burrows Hodges, Callum Innes, Tamo Jugeli, Karen Kilimnik, Doron Langberg, Brice Marden, Henri Matisse, Albert Oehlen, Giuseppe Piamontini, Pablo Picasso, Walter Price, Andrea Riccio, Peter Paul Rubens, Amy Sillman, Salman Toor, Cy Twombly, Willem Danielsz van Tetrode, Nicole Wittenberg, and Christopher Wool, along with a painting from 1985 by David Salle.

Salle Reliance Press
David Salle, Reliance, 1985. Oil and acrylic on canvas, 78 × 96 inches (198.1 × 243.8 cm). © 2023 David Salle / VAGA at Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY, courtesy of Skarstedt, NY.
Painting of a man with blue face in an orange and blue suit resting against a black background.
Francis Bacon, Study for Figure II, 1953. Oil on canvas, 78 × 54 inches (198.1 × 137.1 cm). CR number 53-19. © The Estate of Francis Bacon. All rights reserved. DACS, London / ARS, New York, 2023. Photo: Matthew Herrmann.
An abstract painting with an deconstructed figure-like scene with large patches of colors including...
Robert Colescott, Untitled, c. 1967. Acrylic on canvas, 78 3/4 × 59 × 1 1/2 inches (200 × 149.9 × 3.8 cm). © 2023 The Robert H. Colescott Separate Property Trust / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York, courtesy of the Trust and Blum & Poe, Los Angeles / New York / Tokyo.
Lucio Fontana, Crocifisso, 1950–52. Glazed terracotta, 19 5/8 × 12 3/8 × 5 inches (49.9 × 31.4 × 12.7 cm). © 2023 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / SIAE, Rome. Photo: Matthew Herrmann.
An abstract painting with colors of yellow, red, green, and white, with streaks across the canvas...
Mark Grotjahn, Untitled (Indian #5 Face 45.50), 2014. Oil on cardboard mounted on linen, 50 3/8 × 40 1/4 inches (128 × 102.2 cm).
An abstract painting with a milk white background and organic rings of yellow, blue, gray and red...
Brice Marden, Skull with Thought, 1993–95. Oil on linen, 71 × 57 inches (180.3 × 144.8 cm). © 2023 Brice Marden / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Photo: Matthew Herrmann.
Painting of a man with a mustache, pink cheeks and dark brown hair in three quarter view looking...
Peter Paul Rubens, Portrait of a Gentleman, Half-length, Wearing Black, circa 1628–29. Oil on canvas, 23 × 17 7/8 inches (58.4 × 45.4 cm). Photo: Matthew Herrmann.
An abstract painting with a tan background and other organic shapes of white, yellow, pink and...
Charline von Heyl, RazzleDazzzlePatapouf, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 60 × 50 inches (152.4 × 127 cm). Courtesy of the artist and Petzel, New York.
Abstract painting with smudging paint marks of overlaying shades of purple and violet, some green...
Cecily Brown, The use of blue in vertigo, 2022. Oil on linen, 59 × 94 inches (149.9 × 238.8 cm). © Cecily Brown, courtesy of Paula Cooper Gallery, New York. Photo: Genevieve Hanson.

The exhibition includes works drawn from the collection of the Hill Art Foundation and the collection of Tom and Janine Hill, as well as loans from private collections and artists.

Beautiful, Vivid, Self-contained brings together paintings and sculptures by artists working across different eras, mediums, and geographies to explore the nature of affinity between works of art. As Salle asks in the catalogue essay that accompanies the exhibition: “How can works of art be said to ‘recognize’ each other? How do things made decades or centuries apart, things that may look dissimilar on the surface come to have a communality of tone, and of feeling?”

The exhibition poses a further question: What is the relationship between sensibility and style? Put another way, does an ‘aesthetic personality’ exist, or, can a painting be said to have a nervous system? What is the psychic mapping that undergirds a pictorial attitude, and how can we recognize it?

In grouping the works within the exhibition, Salle taps into the power of juxtaposition, as described by the composer Thomas Adès: “A thing becomes possible which makes another thing possible, which wouldn’t have been possible without it.”[2] Or, as Salle writes, “Juxtaposition is the art of the possible. In visual art, just as in drama, if there is a gun in the first act it must go off in the last. Certain things in a painting create the conditions for other things to occur. Paintings can ‘import’ elements from different aesthetic worlds—if the painting itself has established a sufficiently elastic context. The ways in which that is accomplished are myriad and unpredictable. For the time being, stretchy is good. Stretchy is how we live now.”


[1] This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Janet Malcolm, from whose posthumous memoir Still Pictures, On Photography and Memory its title is taken.

[2] Thomas Adès and Tom Service, Thomas Adès: Full of Noises: Conversations with Tom Service, 1st American ed. (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2012), 178.

A group of people ride shades of brown and white horses in a natural landscape. They ride on a...

Edgar Degas

Cavaliers sur une route, 1864–68

Oil on panel

18 1/4 × 23 3/4 inches (46.4 × 60.3 cm)

A red, brown, and pink image merging faces as well as furniture. Yellow slightly borders most of...

Walter Price

Discomfort, 2022

Acrylic and gesso on canvas

40 × 40 inches (101.6 × 101.6 cm)

Collection of David Lewis and Anne Ackerley, New York.

Pink triangles center an area of grey, blue, and yellow merged lines. Across the piece, vertical,...

Martha Diamond

Towers, 1986

Oil on canvas

60 × 48 inches (152.4 × 121 cm)

A bronze statue of a man holding a strigil (curved blade for scraping dirt/sweat) and an oil vial....

Andrea Riccio

Strigil Bearer, cast circa 1515–20


12 3/4 × 5 7/8 × 5 7/8 inches (32.4 × 14.9 × 14.9 cm)

Various shades of blues, greens, pinks, and greys. Lines move in different directions, blending...

Willem de Kooning

Untitled I, 1978

Oil on canvas

77 × 88 inches (195.6 × 223.5 cm)

A number of lines encircle in many shapes. Blue, red, burnt yellow, light blue, and green lines...

Brice Marden

Skull with Thought, 1993–95

Oil on linen

71 × 57 inches (180.3 × 144.8 cm)

A man with a wide open mouth sits on a bed or platform of sorts. Against a navy blue background,...

Francis Bacon

Study for Figure II, 1953

Oil on canvas

78 × 54 inches (198.1 × 137.2 cm)

A burnt red figure with their hands up in a yellow multicolored frame. To the left going clockwise:...

David Salle

Reliance, 1985

Oil and acrylic on canvas

78 × 96 inches (198.1 × 243.8 cm)

Behind a dark green background, a man looks straight on towards his right. He wears a black robe...

Peter Paul Rubens

Portrait of a Gentleman, Half-length, Wearing Black, circa 1628–29

Oil on canvas

23 × 17 7/8 inches (58.4 × 45.4 cm)

A bronze statue of a man trying to release his left arm out of a tree. Behind him, the tree branch...

Giuseppe Piamontini

Milo of Croton, cast circa 1725–30


17 3/8 × 6 × 6 3/4 inches (44.1 × 15.2 × 17.1 cm)

Square slab of round and paper-like forms. A round circle centers the work, with dark red lines...

Kevin Beasley

Untitled Slab (Concavity II), 2018

Housedresses, kaftans, t-shirts, socks, du-rags, altered garments, polyurethane resin

82 1/2 × 80 1/2 × 5 1/2 inches (209.6 × 204.5 × 14 cm)

Multiple red spray-painted circles and lines against a white background, leaving only a sliver...

Christopher Wool

Untitled, 2001

Silkscreen ink on linen

90 × 60 inches (228.6 × 152.4 cm)

Profile of a figure with their facial features blurred. Against a dark green background, the figure's...

Frank Auerbach

Head of Julia, 1985

Oil on canvas

26 1/8 × 26 1/8 inches (66.4 × 66.4 cm)

An abstract collection of black, shades of purple, green, and grey. Broad strokes, lines, circles,...

Cecily Brown

The use of blue in vertigo, 2022

Oil on linen

59 × 94 inches (149.9 × 238.8 cm)

Various shades of reds, yellows, greens, and whites form feather-like shapes. Individual lines...

Mark Grotjahn

Untitled (Indian #5 Face 45.50), 2014

Oil on cardboard mounted on linen

50 3/8 × 40 1/4 inches (128 × 102.2 cm)

A crucifix-like structure made of various copper, dark and light blue shades. The entire structure...

Mark Grotjahn

Untitled (Indian #5 Face 45.50), 2014

Oil on cardboard mounted on linen

50 3/8 × 40 1/4 inches (128 × 102.2 cm)

Red and black are equally painted down symmetrically on the piece.

Callum Innes

Untitled Lamp Black No. 13, 2013

Oil on linen

70 7/8 × 68 7/8 inches (180 × 175 cm)

Against a white wall and under a grey floor, a sink hangs. The deep sink is white with a grey outer...

Robert Gober

Untitled, 1984

Plaster, wire lath, wood, steel, semi-gloss enamel paint

26 × 31 1/2 × 25 1/2 inches (66 × 80 × 65 cm)

Prometheus, the Greek God of Fire, is in his colorful art studio. Prometheus is exposed, holding...

Verne Dawson

Prometheus in the Studio, 2019

Oil on linen

24 1/4 × 20 1/8 inches (61.5 × 51 cm)

Burnt red, turquoise, and teal blur together to flood the background of the piece. Green grass...

Nicole Wittenberg

Cardinal Cove 2, 2022

Oil on canvas

54 × 72 inches (137.2 × 182.9 cm)

A figure leaning on the viewer's right against a black shaded background. The charcoal black figure...

Henri Matisse

Study for “Le Chant,” 1938

Charcoal on paper

24 7/8 × 18 7/8 inches (63.2 × 47.9 cm)

Signatures, an array of lines, and a multicolored combination on canvas paper. From the top, purple...

Cy Twombly

Solar Barge of Sesostris, 1985–88

Acrylic, wax crayon, and graphite on paper

58 3/4 × 51 3/4 inches (149.2 × 131.4 cm)

Seaside landscape with a boat, a group of people on an elephant, and a sculptural structure. Light...

Karen Kilimnik

The Temple of Apollo—Voyage to the Bombay Sapphire Sea, 2022

Water-soluble oil on canvas

9 × 13 inches (22.9 × 33 cm)

A peach background with two figures holding hands. On the left. the figure wears a black Kufi with...

Salman Toor

Two Citizens, 2023

Oil on canvas

48 × 60 inches (121.9 × 152.4 cm)

One orange and one turquoise l-like shape against a light yellow and whiteish background. Both...

Richard Aldrich

The Craggy Face on the Precipice of, 2022

Oil and wax on panel

20 1/2 × 13 1/8 (52.1 × 33.3 cm)

A faceless person cleans a pool in a backyard. Blended greens and blues make the trees and sky....

Reggie Burrows Hodges

Swimming in Compton: Shallow End, 2021

Acrylic and pastel on linen

51 1/4 × 61 inches (130.2 x 154.9 cm)

Dark orange, yellow, green, brown, and black paints blend into one another. Dark orange makes a...

Albert Oehlen

Untitled, 1990

Oil and lacquer on canvas

78 3/4 × 78 3/4 inches (200 × 200 cm)

Brown and pencil figure sits on a chair. The left eye is lower than the right eye, which sits closer...

Pablo Picasso

Femme aux Mains Jointes, 1938

Pencil, charcoal, and oil wash on canvas

31 7/8 × 23 5/8 inches (81 × 60 cm)

Shades of blue, black, pink, and gold form various shapes as well as lines against a light blue...

Amy Sillman

Untitled (blue, black), 2023

Acrylic and ink on linen

59 x 55 inches (149.9 × 139.7 cm)

Brown bust of bronze statue. Wavy hair is outstreched in pieces with naked figure looking up towards...

Willem Danielsz van Tetrode

Mars Gradivus, cast probably late 1560s


15 1/2 × 9 1/4 × 7 1/2 inches (39.4 × 23.5 × 19.1 cm)

A darker forest with orange coloring its spaces and to its right, similar and shorter abstract...

Nicole Wittenberg

Cradle Cove 3, 2022

Oil on canvas

48 × 60 inches (121.9 × 152.4 cm)

Colorful animal and human-like forms move in various positions. The forms are painted in largely...

Robert Colescott

Untitled, circa 1967

Acrylic on canvas

78 3/4 × 59 inches (200 × 149.9 cm)

An array of colorful lines next to a rose and a vertical gun. Two green, one pink, and one orange...

Tamo Jugeli

Untitled, 2020

Oil on canvas

78 1/4 × 59 1/2 inches (198.8 × 151.1 cm)

A black line nearly borders a tan background, leaving a semi rectangle, with black paint splattered...

Charline von Heyl

RazzleDazzzlePatapouf, 2021

Acrylic on canvas

60 × 50 inches (152.4 × 127 cm)

Behind grey and brown shading, a broom, separate head and body within a body lean. The internal...

Francesco Clemente

Day and Night, 1988

Pastel on paper

26 × 19 inches (66 × 48.3 cm)

A bronze statue of a woman looking downward with her leg on a round shape, leaning her left side...


Astronomy, cast early 1570s


15 3/8 x 4 5/8 x 6 inches (39.1 x 11.7 x 15.2 cm)

A pink and orange figure lays with their arms wrapped around their shoulders. Their head has shades...

Doron Langberg

Hari, 2022

Oil on linen

18 × 24 inches (45.7 × 61 cm)

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