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Lux and Lumen: Spencer Finch and Valentin Bousch at Hill Art Foundation

This catalogue accompanies our current exhibition Lux and Lumen: Spencer Finch, and presents original scholarship on Finch and Valentin by Drew Anderson, Jean-Marie Gallais, Mark Godfrey, and Timothy Husband. Books will ship via media mail.

Highlights: Hill Art Foundation

Highlights features 14 important works from the Hill Collection accompanied by short texts by a wide range of contributors. This publication, the first published by the Hill Art Foundation, illustrates the remarkable breadth of the collection and the network of scholars, artists, and creatives that has grown around the Foundation since it opened in 2019. Contributors include Amber Esseiva, Thelma Golden, Margot Norton, David Salle, Karel Schampers, and Pat Wengraf. Please note that books are shipped via media mail.

Minjung Kim
Minjung Kim

This catalogue was published by Minjung Kim to accompany her 2020 exhibition at the Hill Art Foundation.

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